Our story starts with Tom stuck in bed recovering from experimental hip surgeries. Bored, he taught himself to code and started to create a tool that would help him manage his life online.

As the platform evolved, a vision of something much bigger took shape. It quickly became clear that it would take more than one person to achieve the dream.

Together with Josh and JD, we realized if we developed a single experience that ties communities, marketing and commerce together, we could change how we build, promote and monetize ourselves online.

StageBloc isn’t just a network for creatives, brands and their fans.
It’s the best way for anyone to create, promote and sell anything.

Our Team



I like coding, coffee, and Law & Order.

The Canadian

Jetpack Operator

I hate computers but it’s the only thing I’m good at.


iOS Developer

Overcomplicating Objective-C one line at a time… everything goes in the app delegate, right?


Founder / Front-end Developer

I exhale CSS. HTML is my second language. JavaScript keeps me warm at night.


Founder / CTO

I got the tech skills because my twin got the sports skills.


Front-end Developer

Internet alchemist, I’m here for a good time.


Founder / CEO

I set and drive the product vision. I’m learning to delegate.

Our Advisors

Robert Chang
Greg Grove
Ethan Kaplan
Cory Levy
Rick Murray
Tom Ryan
Brian Spaly
Jim Spinello

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